New Age Rehabilitation Center (NARC) is one of the leading physiotherapy and rehabilitation services providers of India. Founded by Dr. Jitesh Sharma (PT) in 2006 as Care and Cure Rehabilitation Center at Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, NARC has attained both the trust of patients and a brand name among the masses.

The unique set of principles for treatment makes NARC stand out from the generic crowd and excel as a provider.

Educating the patient:
We believe in making the patients aware of their condition and the tailing problems thoroughly. It helps them in understanding the treatment adequately and in acknowledging the pros and cons of their day-to-day habits. Once they know how an exercise can help in relieving their symptoms, they tend to participate enthusiastically in their treatment.

Individualized treatment:
Generalizing the treatments is out of question. Every patient is different and has different symptoms. Keeping that in mind, we devise dedicated treatment plans for all the patients that help in a better assessment and thus an exceedingly efficient treatment.

Evidence base practice:
Years of expertise allows us to follow an evidence-based approach with our treatments. We make use of expert opinions, external scientific evidence and patients’ perceptions to offer consummate services to our clients.

Following these three major principles, NARC has achieved its share of accolades. Our major breakthrough is the Cardiac Rehabilitation program that has been initiated by us at Fortis Escorts, Delhi. Providing Physiotherapy support to the Airtel Half Marathon Delhi 2009-2011, Salwan Marathon 2009 and several other Corporate Sporting Events are some of the other achievements we have bagged so far.